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Canada has been known for many years for its tradition to offer protection to people who have been forced to seek protection against persecution and danger in their homeland! The Figueroa Family is being affected by the immigration laws that have been adopted, by Section 34.1 of the I.R.P.A. to be specific.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Homilia de Monseñor Romero, 23 de Marzo 1980


During the Admissibility Hearing that took place on April 14th and 29th and May 5th 2010.  We introduce some Homilies of Archbishop Romero as evidence, specifically the homilies from February 17th and 24th 1980 and the homily from the day before Archbishop Romero was killed by the US financed death squads!

The main reason why those homilies were introduced as evidence is that many CBSA officers seem to lack a clear understanding of Salvadoran social and political development and have wrongly categorized FMLN as a terrorist organization or at least that seems to be the case.    The Homilies in some way takes the role that the Truth Commission on El Salvador did just after the signing of the Chapultepec Peace Agreement, the only difference is that they reflect part Salvadoran reality before 1980 and in a way it complements the Truth Commission report.   The facts that we pointed out with the Homilies would help to present a more objective view point to understand the Salvadoran Civil War.

It is important to point out that the adjudicator who rendered the decision he used part of this evidence in his argument - in the wrong context- but he used it as reference.   When he did so he recognized the validity of the evidence submitted.    You can verify this if you check on the transcript of the decision given on May 5th 2010.   

This video contains that part of the Homily of March 23rd that we pointed out and that the adjudicator made reference to when rendering his decision.... We will discuss more about the other homilies that were submitted and why in a future article...


Durante la Audiencia de Admisibilidad que tuvo lugar el 14 y 29 de Abril y el 5 de Mayo, 2010. Introducimos como evidencia algunas de las Homilias de Monseñor Romero, especificamente esas del 17 y 24 de Febrero y el 23 de Marzo 1980 (la homilia del dia anterior cuando Monseñor Romero fué asesinado por escuadrones de la Muerte financiados por Estados Unidos)

La razón principal que esas homilias fueron introducidas como evidencia, es que muchos funcionarios de la Agencia de Servicios Fronterizos segun parece no tienen una comprension clara del desarrollo politico social Salvadoreño y han categorizado érroneamente al FMLN como una organización Terrorista.   Las homilias de alguna forma tomas el papel de la Comisión de la Verdad resultado del Acuerdo de Paz de Chapultepec, la
única diferencia es que las homilias reflejan parte de la realidad salvadoreña antes de 1980, y de alguna manera complementan el reporte de la comisión.  Los hechos señalados en las homilias ayudan a tener un punto de vista mucho más objetivo para comprender la Guerra Civil Salvadoreña.

Es importante señalar que el adjudicador quien hizo la decisión usó parte de esta evidencia en sus argumentos- en el contexto equivocado- pero la usó como referencia, y al hacer esto, reconoce la validez de la evidencia presentada.  Ustedes pueden verificar esto en la trascripción de la decisión dada el 5 de Mayo 2010.

Este video contiene la part de la Homilia del 23 de Marzo a que nos referimos y que el adjudicador hizo referencia al dar su decisión.   Discutiremos acerca de las otras homilias que fueron presentadas y el porque de ello en otro articulo...

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  1. Hoy hace masde 30 anos Monsenor Romero oficio esta Homilia... el dia anterior a su cruel asesinato en manos de los escuadrones de la muerte

    Today more than 30 years ago Archbishop Oscar Romero was saying this powerfull words in a Homily ... just the day before he was killed by the death squads in El Salvador...