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Welcome to the Figueroa's immigration ordeal!!!

Canada has been known for many years for its tradition to offer protection to people who have been forced to seek protection against persecution and danger in their homeland! The Figueroa Family is being affected by the immigration laws that have been adopted, by Section 34.1 of the I.R.P.A. to be specific.

This blog has been created with the objective to become a link among the community who still believe in Canada's Tradition and search for alternatives that would allow to make a difference for the defense of individual rights!

We thank you before hand for your opinion and suggestions so that a solution is found!

In behalf of the Figueroa Family and many others whose rights are being affected ... Thanks for your Support!

We are Jose!

Canadians should no be forced to leave!!

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"Injustice somewhere is a threat to justice everywhere...!

Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pre Hearing Conference January 25th 2010

Help us break the Language barrier..!

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You will be able to find this transcription with links in different languages on the list of content for this blog!

Thanks for your support to the Figueroa Family!!

Como inmigrantes es necesario que conozcamos más sobre las leyes de Inmigración donde quiera que estemos!

Ayudanos a romper la barrera del lenguaje! y Ayudemos a nuestros Hermanos a conocer mas sobre nuestros derechos como seres humanos!

Si conoces otros idiomas únete a este esfuerzo!

No solo basta conocer otros idiomas tambien es necesario conocer el lenguaje de las leyes!

Pero sobre todo, conocer el lenguaje de la justicia!


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  1. Help us over come the language barrier... this translations have been made with google translate, please send us corrections and/or suggestions to better this means of communication... specially on the German section... Thanks for visiting us...